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The cemetery has always been controlled by Trustees.
The first of whom were James Biram, Charles Sargent and James Witton.
They were appointed on the 7th of November 1879.
The first burial entered in the current burial register is that of James Morrow who died on the 10th of February 1926.
The cemetery was divided into denominational sections –
The Methodist section being on the left side of the drive way from Victoria Street entrance,
followed by the Catholic section.
The Church of England section is on the right of the driveway followed by the Presbyterian section.
In later years when lawn graves became popular, Lawn 1 section was established.
There are now 5 lawn sections. The first burial in a lawn grave was in June 1965.
Areas were set aside for Cremated remains, with the construction of a Niche wall in 1970,
and then the Memorial Shrub section in 1980. In the early1980’s it became apparent that the Victoria Street Cemetery
was running out of burial space, so plans were put in place to secure another cemetery site for Warragul.
On the 25th of June 1987 the State Government purchased 45 acres of land for $94000.00.
This site then became known as Gulwarra Heights Memorial Park,
and was officially opened by the Minister for Health, Caroline Hogg in March 1990.
In October 1994 the first stage of the road works within the cemetery was completed.
The plaque was unveiled by Mayor Joy Ryrie to acknowledge the Councils contribution of $20000.00 to the Car Park.
The first burial at Gulwarra Heights was that of Robert Radford ( a well known butcher from Warragul) in 1996.
In 1996 Community services Minister – Dennis Napthine officially opened the gates and gateway to the cemetery.
The gates had been obtained from Springvale Crematorium, brought to Warragul, modified for use at the main entrance.
Building of the Reception Centre was undertaken in the year of 2000.
The building was built and supervised by a local builder and he was ably assisted by members of the Cemetery Trust, together with many local business’s volunteering.

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